About Chemung County Habitat for Humanity


The statistics that define CHEMUNG COUNTY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY are simple: Over 26 years of service in Chemung County and over 20 homes dedicated to hard-working and deserving families. But Chemung County Habitat for Humanity goes much deeper than those numbers. The organization is a builder, a lender, a mortgage holder, a teacher, part of a family, steward to the environment, rehabilitator of neighborhoods, strategic partner and a leading developer in Chemung County.


Chemung County Habitat for Humanity has been leading the fight against poverty housing in our neighborhoods since 1989 when a group of concerned and committed citizens gathered to discuss forming an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International in Chemung County. The group had two primary concerns: The growing number of families in Chemung County that were classified as low-income, the working poor, and that over 50% of the houses in the City of Elmira were non-owner occupied, rental property. The organization founders worker with several churches in the area and within one year of being chartered has raised awareness, raised money, and recruited enough volunteers to complete the first home at 418 Linden Place in Elmira. As of today, we have helped to house over 20 families since the humble beginnings of our organization, however there is still much to be done.


Today over 29% of City of Elmira residents live in poverty. Chemung County Habitat for Humanity builds homes that allow families to stabilize housing costs, manage their finances, and invest in the next generation. In 2015 Chemung County Habitat continues to help even more families in our community. With the addition of new paid staff members, new programs, and new volunteers, our Affiliate continues to grow and offer more services to help those in need in our community.


Baty Street Project, completed Spring of 2015






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